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Tuesday July 2012

 Pedagogical challenges of design education have college professors at a loss for how to prepare the today’s generation to enter the work force and survive in a highly technical environment as designers. Traditional hands on courses such as printmaking, drawing and studio arts are being edged out to make room for courses in 3D modeling, web site design, interactive design, motion graphics, and HTML code. More, more, more digital curriculum is leaving many educators confused and overwhelmed. What is the core curriculum? What needs to be taught? Art and design, once viewed as right-brained activities, now give way to left-brained math and computer science aptitudes. While many view the left-brained thinker as king, it is the right brain thinker that brings the human factor to...

Friday September 2012

Fusion students gain valuable experience in teamwork, professional business practices and client vendor interaction. Fusion students learn to apply their design skills to a variety of job assignments and they gain insight into their ability to work with others during the creative process. Practical application of design training is combined with opportunities to develop communication skills, create awareness of the designer's responsibility to the community and to participate in collaborations within the university and beyond.

Monday December 2012

presented at the UCDA Conference at Virginia Tech 2012

Several years ago, business leaders coined the term “design thinking” as a method for companies to implement innovative approaches addressing both internal and external problems and goals. Corporate structures are relying on designers for guidance about how they can better understand and utilize the innovation process. One day our students will be looking to join design firms such as IDEO, Smart, Continuum, Ziba, Jump, and Google, companies that are looked to as cutting edge. Unfortunately, our curriculums are not designed to prepare students in the complex thinking skills these companies are seeking. Many of the companies that our students will one day work for, have yet to be established. So designing a...